Looking for more coding experience at UCSB?

July 21, 2021

As a recurring TA for Biometry (EEMB 146), one of my favorite things about the class is when students leave the class wanting more experience in R. Here is a list of coding resources I send out to students who want to keep working on their snazzy skills. 



- EEMB/MCBD 147 Quantitative methods with Dr. Cherie Briggs

- EEMB 149 Ecological Modelling with Dr. Holly Moeller

- ESM 206 Data Visualization and Analysis with Dr. Allison Horst

- ESM 244 Advanced Methods in Data Analysis with Dr. Allison Horst


Groups on campus 

-  EcoDataScience has great monthly workshops that are put on by grad students in the environmental sciences at UCSB. There is a lot of emphasis on how to make science recordable and reproducible. 

DAnC is a data analysis coding club that is mostly undergrads working on senior theses/stat projects/regular coding, they also hold nice workshops and weekly meetings! 

R Ladies Santa Barbara welcomes all members of R proficiency interested in mentorship, networking and expert upskilling. 


Briggs lab journal club

Have an interest in a certain R package (i.e. tidyverse, ggplot2)? Or want to learn more about R jargon and common skills in ecological coding? Just shoot sbsambado@ucsb.edu an email to be included in upcoming events and discuss future workshops!


Have fun!

Sam Sambado