RIBBiTR is looking for pilot and exploratory projects to fund

September 27, 2022

Pilot & Exploratory Projects (PEPs)

The Resilience Institute Bridging Biological Training & Research (RIBBiTR; an NSF-funded Biology Integration Institute) is looking to fund Pilot and Exploratory Projects (PEPs) related to its core research, training and outreach missions. PEPs provide RIBBiTR with an opportunity to capitalize on new, innovative ideas that emerge over the course of our Institute and to bring new members into our collaborative team. They differ from our Core Institute Activities (CIAs) in that they are more experimental and hopefully born from collaborative progress year after year.

RIBBiTR has funding available to support research, education, and outreach activities as well as the addition of new researchers to our collaborative team. We plan to fund multiple PEPs each of the next four years. As a guideline for project scale, projects should have an anticipated timeline of one year or less and each PEP should have a maximum budget of ~$15,000, which will be outlined in the Project Proposal Form. Applicants who are not already associated with RIBBiTR may author and submit PEP proposals but must work with a RIBBiTR member, who will act as the project’s sponsor.

Important Dates and Submission Information

PEPs should submit Part I of the Project Proposal form at the time of initial submission. The due date is October 1, 2022. Part II of the Project Proposal form includes project outcomes information. All funded PEP teams are required to submit Part II of the Project Proposal form by May 1, 2023. Any PEP team that has not completed its work by May 1, 2023 will also be required to submit an updated Part II of the Project Proposal form by May 1, 2024 so that all PEP activities and outcomes can be included in RIBBiTR’s Annual Report to NSF (Note: if there are any PEP project deliverables after this date, please report them to RIBBiTR, so that they can be included in the next reporting to NSF). Reviews and funding decisions will be available 1 month from the submission deadline. Potential PEPs that require rapid funding outside of the normal application cycle should contact RIBBiTR’s Executive Committee by emailing RIBBiTR’s project manager, Shane Robertson (smr182@pitt.edu).

Here is the Project Proposal Form. Project proposals can be submitted by email to RIBBiTR’s project manager, Shane Robertson (smr182@pitt.edu) or, for RIBBiTR members with existing access, via Basecamp.

As mentioned above, a goal of our PEPs program is to bring new members into our collaborative team. Please share this information with all who may be interested.

The full funding call can be found on this website