Brigg's labs members present at Ecology Society of America

August 02, 2021
  • Tatum gave an oral presentation titled "Can we predict chytrid outbreaks without touching frogs?: a Bayesian approach.". Co-authored with Wendy Meiring and Cherie Briggs.
  • Kacie won best poster in the ESA Disease Ecology section titled "Lizard feeding enhances Ixodes pacificus vector competency to Borrelia burgdorferi" Co-authored with Lisa Couper, Anne Sapiro, Fauna Yarza, X. Frank Yang, Keith Clay, Chase Mateusiak, Seemay Chou, and Andrea Swei. 
  • Sam gave an oral presentation titled "Evaluating seasonal tick-borne disease risk across a latitudinal and coastal gradient". Co-authored with Andy MacDonald and Cherie Briggs.