MO class 2012 on RV Atlantic Explorer

Education / Outreach

As part of our Oceanic Microbial Observatory we offer the following immersion course:

Microbial Oceanography: The Biogeochemistry, Ecology and Genomics of Oceanic Microbial Ecosystems

This immersion summer course is offered by the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences. The recent synthesis of biogeochemistry, microbiology and environmental genomics has made the marine water column one of the most exciting topics of modern ecological research. This full immersion course presents an integrated perspective, using a combination of lectures, laboratory experiments, bioinformatics laboratory exercises, and field trips to the open ocean and coral reefs, including an open-ocean research cruise aboard the R.V. Atlantic Explorer. The course is offered with two major components, Microbial Molecular Ecology and Microbial Genomics. The instructors and lectures overlap. The lectures will focus on how biological processes and the ecological structure within the water column control the cycling of important elements in the ocean. A series of field trips and laboratory experiments will be conducted to investigate microbial processes in the open ocean and in the coral reef dominated waters of Bermuda. Students will also be introduced to genomic tools being utilized by microbial ecologists including whole genome sequence analysis, comparative genomics of different strains, survey sequencing, and "meta-" or community genomics of entire ecosystems. A brief introduction to the types of data that can be obtained from such methods and the computational tools useful in the analysis of sequence data will be provided. Class is limited to 14 students. June 16 – July 06, taught by Drs. Craig Carlson, Steve Giovannoni, John Heidelberg, Craig Nelson.

See the BIOS Summer course web site for more information and application forms.