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Lubchenco J, Menge BA, Barth JA, Carr MH, Caselle JE, Chan F, Fulton-Bennett HK, Gaines SD, Kroeker KJ, Milligan K et al..  2019.  Connecting Science to Policymakers, Managers, and Citizens. Oceanography. 33
White J.W., Carr MH, Caselle JE, Washburn L, C. Woodson B, Palumbi SR, Carlson PM, Warner RR, Menge BA, Barth JA et al..  2019.  Connectivity, Dispersal, and Recruitment: Connecting Benthic Communities and the Coastal Ocean. Oceanography. 33
Teck SJ, Lorda J, Shears NT, Bell TW, Cornejo-Donoso J, Caselle JE, Hamilton SL, Gaines SD.  2017.  Disentangling the effects of fishing and environmental forcing on demographic variation in an exploited species. Biological Conservation. 209:488-498.
White J.W., Carr MH, Caselle JE, Palumbi SR, Warner RR, Menge BA, Milligan K.  2019.  Empirical Approaches to Measure Connectivity. Oceanography. 33
Aburto-Oropeza O, Johnson AF, Agha M, Allen EB, Allen MF, González JArellano, Moreno DMArenas, Beas-Luna R, Butterfield S, Caetano G et al..  2018.  Harnessing cross-border resources to confront climate change. Environmental Science & Policy. 87:128-132.
Carr MH, White JW, Saarman E, Lubchenco J, Milligan K, Caselle JE.  2019.  Marine Protected Areas Exemplify the Evolution of Science and Policy. Oceanography. 33
Kroeker KJ, Carr MH, Raimondi PT, Caselle JE, Washburn L, Palumbi SR, Barth JA, Chan F, Menge BA, Milligan K et al..  2019.  Planning for Change: Assessing the Potential Role of Marine Protected Areas and Fisheries Management Approaches for Resilience Management in a Changing Ocean. Oceanography. 33
Ebert TA, Barr LM, Bodkin JL, Burcham D, Bureau D, Carson HS, Caruso NL, Caselle JE, Claisse JT, Clemente S et al..  2018.  Size, growth, and density data for shallow‐water sea urchins from Mexico to the Aleutian Islands, Alaska, 1956–2016. Ecology. 99(3):761-761.
Williams JP, Williams CM, Blanchette CA, Claisse JT, Pondella DJ, Caselle JE.  2018.  Where the Weird Things are: A Collection of Species Range Extensions in the Southern California Bight. Bulletin, Southern California Academy of Sciences. 117:189-202-14.