Welcome to the D'Antonio Lab

Our lab investigates issues in plant ecology that range from population and community-level investigations to whole-ecosystem and landscape-scale studies. In general, we study controls over invasion by plant species into communities they have not previously dominated and factors that determine the community and ecosystem impacts of these invasions. Our studies include, but are not exclusively limited to, non-indigenous species. Various members of our lab are working on Eurasian grasses in California coastal prairies, the influence of cattle on native and non-native grassland species, the importance of land-use history in influencing grassland composition and the potential use of fire in grassland restoration. We are a strongly field-oriented laboratory, and use a combination of observational and experimental studies to address fundamental issues related to invasion, impact and restoration. Our goals are to understand factors contributing to the context-specificity of invasions and their impacts, and to use invasive species to test and develop more general theories regarding plant community structure and the controls over species impacts.



Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology Department :: Environmental Studies Department :: University of California Santa Barbara