Happy New Year! (with covid update)

January 06, 2021

We thought 2021 would be better than 2020... maybe it still will be! But Santa Barbara, while picture-perfect (no devastating fires!), is reporting hundreds of new COVID cases every day now. I put together these panels to remind myself that I still need to be on high alert even though I am becoming desensitized from a demanding and stressful year.

2020 was exhausting but I am proud of the many members of the lab (old and current) who submitted their first first-author papers (Gabe, Austen, Jake!) while their advisor barely made it through four remotely-taught courses. We also welcomed our newest member, Mari! this fall, who already finished preparing her first NGS library (while remotely TAing)! I (Ryoko) finally learned to use Slack (semi-regularly) and am dabbling (still reluctantly) in social media to promote the lab's work but also, more importantly, to listen to the underrepresented voices of academia and our country. I hope we make 2021 better, not just because it is not 2020, but by doing nice things for each other and supporting those who need it. <-- I got that from a meme on Twitter.