Principal Investigator

Explores the ecological consequences of individual variation in behavior for individuals, populations, and communities.

Postdoctoral Researchers

I study how animals use and move through the space they occupy, because I believe this framing offers a unique perspective on myriad aspects of animals’ behavioral ecology.

Alex Little

Alex’s research integrates all levels of biological organization to explore how environmental stressors interact to threaten animal fitness and ultimately biodiversity.

Graduate Students

Photo of Grant Doering

My research focus is on ants behavior. I am currently working on collective decision making in polydomy, which is a nesting configuration where one ant colony will occupy multiple nests simultaneously.

My work resides at the interface of animal personality research and community ecology. 


My research focuses on the behavioral ecology of animal societies, especially how individuals' differences in behavior can alter the execution of collective behaviors and the transmission dynamics of  microbes.

Current Position:
Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, University of Florida
Colin M. Wright

My research explores the effects of animal personality on collective behavior and colony success.

Current Position:
Eberly Fellow, Department of Biology, Pennsylvania State University