Nitrate Reductase

What do the distributions of microbial enzymes tell us about the biogeochemistry of oxygen minimum zones?

RESPIRE trap deployment

How do microbial communities on particles change as they sink through the water column? How much respiration in the water column can be attributed to particle-attached microbes?

How do transporter proteins help define the niches of marine microbes?

What do the genomes of marine nitrifiers tell us about how they make a living there?

How efficient are microbes in the mesopelagic at using organic carbon?

San Pedro Lighthouse

What are the sources of 'new' nitrogen available for phytoplankton growth in the coastal ocean?

How do corals and microbes compete for nitrogen on nutrient poor reefs? Is nitrogen cycling fundamentally different in disturbed reef environments?

How do microbial eukaryotes interact with other members of the ocean food web?

How does microbial diversity relate to the diversity of invertebrates in headwater streams? Are there 'microbial indicators' of habitat quality?