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The Young Lab 

I am a community ecologist.  Research in our lab is quite diverse, but generally focuses on increasing our understanding of the effects of wildlife loss and human disturbance on community structure and ecosystem function. Recent work has focused particularly on effects of wildlife loss on human health and well-being. 

 We look at these questions in a variety of systems, including sites in East Africa, Pacific Islands, and coastal California.  We work at both local and global scales, and use a range of observational, experimental, and meta-analytical approaches.


News from the lab

March 2015- Our new paper studying the context dependent effects of large wildlife declines is featured on the cover of Ecological Applications, and is covered by Noozhawk. (PDF Link)
February 2015- Hillary's book review of Gaia Vince's Adventures in the Anthropocene is in the current issue of Science. (PDF Link)

February 2015- We have a new paper out comparing the prevalence of plague between conserved and agricultural landscapes in Tanzania, and it is covered by Scientific American, NPR, Science, Voice of America, and Discover. (PDF Link)

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January 2015- Our new paper examining the drivers of flea parasitism on small mammals in East Africa is out in Journal of Parasitology, and is covered by Noozhawk. (Link)

January 2015- We collaborated on a paper looking at the effects of introduced coconut palms on native trees on Palmyra Atoll.
(PDF Link)

December 2014- We have a new paper out in Biological Conservation that examines the potential of pelagic marine protected areas to protect foraging habitat for seabirds in the central Pacific. (PDF Link)
October 2014- Research from the Young lab informs creation of world's largest marine protected area, in the Central Pacific. Learn more here
September 2014- Our new paper exploring both positive and negative effects of an endangered parrotfish on reef ecosystems is on the cover of this upcoming month's issue of Conservation Biology, and is reviewed by BBC and The Washington Post. (PDF Link)
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July 2014- Our new review featured in Science on vanishing wildlife, entitled "Defaunation in the Anthropocene," examines both the magnitude and ecological consequences of animal declines in an age of humans, and it's covered by BBC, The Washington Post, The Onion, and The UC Santa Barbara Current. (PDF Link)

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June 2014- The Young lab has collaborated on a new paper exploring the importance of sensitive lagoon habitats to the foraging of manta rays, and it is covered by The UC Santa Barbara Current and Stanford News. (PDF Link)
May 2014- Congratulations to undergraduate Sean Nguyen for receiving awards from the College of Creative studies AND from IGERT network sciences program for his research!
April 2014- Check out our new commentary piece in Biological conservation, and the paper on conservation at the edges of the world that instigated this discussion.

March 2014- Our new paper in PNAS examines the effects of wildlife decline on rodent-borne disease in Africa, and was covered by Noozhawk, Southern CA Public Radio, and the UC Santa Barbara Current. (PDF Link )