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Disturbance Disease Research- Laikipia, Kenya
Doctoral student, Georgia Titcomb, sets a Sherman trap at the Mpala Research Centre in Kenya Undergrad, Tyler Ainsworth, ready to catch insects. Field assistant, Peter Lokeny, collecting insects.
African Wild Dogs, Lycaon pictus, resting in the shade. Collected African grasshoppers.


Community Disassembly Research- Palmyra Atoll NWR
P.I., Hillary Young, holding a Red-Footed Boobie, Sula sula. Palmyra Atoll National Wildlife Refuge
A sooty tern colony at Palmyra Atoll NWR. It's usually a good idea to befriend the locals.


Trematode and Diversity Research- California Estuaries

Left to Right: Sean Nguyen, Scott Hannah, Shane Ransbury, and Tori Kobata at Carpintaria Marsh Shane and Tori seining for arrow gobies, Clevelandia ios.
Goby collecting Scott and Sean carrying the day's catch.
Sean stoically overlooking the marsh.  


Seabird Foraging Ecology- Channel Islands National Park, California
A western gull looking at home in the Channel Islands National Park. Channel Islands
Visiting scholar, Katherine LeVan, preparing equipment for western gull research.