Coccolithophores in the Eastern Bering Sea

Lab PI, Debora Iglesias-Rodriguez, and graduate student Tanika Ladd have been working with collaborators at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to learn more about coccolithophore blooms in the Eastern Bering Sea. During blooms of coccolithophores, these microscopic cells in massive numbers can change the color of the water where even satellites and observers from space can see them! Blooms of coccolithophores in the Eastern Bering Sea usually occur in the late summer/early fall, but some years we see very little of the bright turquoise water indicative of these blooms, while in other years, blooms can cover massive areas of the surface ocean. The causes and consequences of these blooms in the Bering Sea are what we hope to learn more about as we collect samples aboard research cruises and observe these blooms from satellite.