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February 23, 2024

Please check out this piece in the San Francisco Chronicle by Prof. Iglesias-Rodriguez published this February 2024!

December 11, 2023

Prof. Debora Iglesias-Rodriguez participated in the 2023 UN Climate Change Conference will convene from 30 November to 12 December 2023 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The session she participated in as a panel examined the pros, cons, and feasibility of each approach, and discussed the critical importance of the ocean in getting to net zero. The full session is available on the Youtube!

September 05, 2023

What happens if we alter the world’s oceans to fight climate change? More than 200 scientists signed a letter saying it’s time to find out.

By Justine Calma

September 20, 2022

Marine Conservation Program 2022 Annual Meeting is coming up! This event will be held at Mar Monte Hotel in Santa Barbara.

Dr. Iglesias Rodriguez will join the meeting as a speaker (!

Register for the Marine Conservation Program 2022 Annual Meeting

January 04, 2021

Tim's microplastic project is featured on Coastal Fund's October Project Spotlight session. He used sediment core samples to quantify microplastic pollution from the Santa Barbara Basin. Here is a great article that shares more details about his project!


December 01, 2020


Open date: November 13th, 2020

Next review date: Friday, Dec 4, 2020 at 11:59 pm (Pacific Time)
Apply by this date to ensure full consideration by the committee

Final date: Saturday, Jul 31, 2021 at 11:59pm (Pacific Time)
Applications will continue to be accepted until this date, but those received after the review date will only be considered if the position has not yet been filled.



September 01, 2020

"Seawater composition in the open ocean is well-studied, yet this research finds larger variability than expected, which questions many other results based on the assumption of constant seawater composition."

Check out this article that introducing Professor Debora Iglesias-Rodriguez and her colleagues' research on seawater composition!

Journal Article:

February 28, 2020

Tanika presented this work in February at the Ocean Sciences Meeting in San Diego. Here is a great article that shares some of the main findings!

Could Wildfire Ash Feed the Ocean’s Tiniest Life-Forms?

January 14, 2020

Here is a news on the UCSB current about Debora's new book “The Future of Marine Life in a Changing Ocean: The Fate of Marine Organisms and Processes under Climate Change and other Types of Human Perturbation” (World Scientific, 2019) and her interview about the book, please check it out!

October 09, 2019

Here is a link to a video of TV show that Debora has recently participated in and talked about Cambio Climático (climate change) in Spain, please check this out!

September 30, 2019

Here is a link to Debora's new interview with FARO DE VIGO in Spain, please check this out!

July 11, 2019

DIR group has examined an unprecedented coccolithophore bloom during May and June of 2015 in the Santa Barbara Channel, and uncovered what conditions made this unusual 2015 Algal Bloom. Here is a link for more information and publication about this work!


April 09, 2018

Here is a report about Debora's research on coccolithophores (Emiliania huxleyi) and OA in the Ocean Acidification Report March 2018! Please check out this link if you are interested:


January 01, 2018

DIR lab graduate students Tanika Ladd and Dylan Catlett were participants aboard the R/V Sally Ride for a graduate student led cruise in December 2017 in the Santa Barbara Channel. See the news articles and ACIDD project website for information about this unique and exciting experience that has led to more projects exploring wildfire ash and the impacts on coastal marine ecosystems.

ACIDD project website

December 21, 2016


Open date: December 1st, 2016

Final date: January 31st, 2017
Applications will continue to be accepted until this date, but those received after the review date will only be considered if the position has not yet been filled.

Turquoise water in the Strait of Georgia depicting a coccolithophore bloom.  [photo] NASA Earth Observatory
September 06, 2016

An unprecedented and unusual color change in the Strait of Georgia marks the presence of a phytoplankton bloom. Read more in the NASA Observatory article below. 

July 21, 2015

The water in the Monterey Bay  has been a turquoise color in the past few days because of the presence of coccolithophores. Read the Monterey Herald article below for details!

June 05, 2015

A coccolithophore bloom event occurred right on our doorstep here in the Santa Barbara Channel! Read the news links below to learn more...

April 12, 2013

Marine scientists have long understood the detrimental effect of fossil fuel emissions on marine ecosystems. But a group led by a UC Santa Barbara professor has found a point of resilience in a microscopic shelled plant with a massive environmental impact, which suggests the future of ocean life may not be so bleak.