1. Simulation model for comparing the efficacy of methods for surveying mobile animals

As described in:

McCauley, DJ, McLean, KA, Bauer, J, Young, HS, and F Micheli. 2012. Evaluating the performance of methods for estimating the abundance of rapidly declining coastal shark populations. Ecological Applications 22: 385-392.

  • Compiled program to run simulation model. [jar]
  • Java source for simulation model. [jar]
  • Parameter values for simulation fish/fishes. [txt]
  • Parameter values for the full simulation. [txt]
  • Instructions for operation of the simulation. [doc]

2. Datasets and data sources related to the causes, mechanisms, and consequences of marine defaunation.

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As described in:

McCauley, DJ, Pinsky, ML, Palumbi, SR, Estes, JA, Joyce, FH, and RR Warner. 2015. Marine defaunation: animal loss in the global oceans. Science 347: 1255641.

Dates of first human arrival

  • Estimated dates of first human arrival for selected geographic regions (Table S1) [xlsx]

Marine vs. terrestrial animal home range size

  • Home range dataset (Table S2) [xlsx]
    • Table coded as follows:
      • BM= body mass (g)
      • HR= home range (km2)
      • System: M = Marine, T = Terrestrial
      • Group: M = Mammals, B = Birds, R = Reptiles, F = Fishes

Full reference list (sources for Table S1 and Table S2 data)

  • Full reference list for paper [doc]

Habitat modification data sets & data sources

  • Global coral cover data from:
    • E. R. Selig, K. S. Casey, J. F. Bruno, Temperature-driven
      coral decline: The role of marine protected areas. Glob. Change
      Biol. 18, 1561–1570 (2012). doi: 10.1111/j.1365-
      2486.2012.02658.x [link]
    • J. F. Bruno, E. R. Selig, Regional decline of coral cover in the
      Indo-Pacific: Timing, extent, and subregional comparisons.
      PLOS ONE 2, e711 (2007). doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0000711 [link]
  • Global cover of mangroves (1980-2005) from:
    • FAO, “The world’s mangroves 1980-2005. FAO Forestry Paper 153” (FAO, Rome, 2007). [link]
  • Number of marine wind turbines (1991-2013) [csv]
  • Area under international seabed mining contract (2000-2014+) [csv] [link]
  • Global container port traffic (in TEU: 20-foot equivalent units) [csv] from:
    • The World Bank (2000-2012) [link] (see description)
    • Containerisation International Yearbooks (1974-1996 data)
  • Number of dead zones in the global oceans by decade (1850-2000) from:
    • Diaz, R J, and R Rosenberg. 2008. Spreading dead zones and consequences for marine ecosystems. Science, 321: 926-929. [link] (in Supplementary Materials)
  • Ship strike data (1877-2010; International Whaling Commission) [link]