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Jenn Caselle Lab

Our research is broadly focused on marine conservation and reef ecology.  We currently work in both coral reef and kelp forest ecosystems studying community dynamics, predator-prey dynamics, herbivory, recruitment and larval dispersal and spatial ecology of fishes.  My lab also runs a large-scale field-based monitoring program of multiple habitats (kelp forest, rocky intertidal, mesophotic rocky reefs) in the California current ecosystem with goals of assessing long-term changes due to climate and anthropogenic impacts.  All of our science is highly management relevant and we work closely with managers and conservation practioners.

The Caselle lab is fully committed to contributing to science through research and education; we believe that mission cannot happen without an environment that is open, equitable, and inclusive to all. From our day-to-day interactions with each other and our colleagues, to our practices as researchers and mentors, we actively engage in discussions and actions that create an equitable and inclusive space. We make conscious efforts to provide a space for all people to be encouraged and heard; we value each other’s diversity.

The Caselle lab recognizes the importance of incorporating solid natural history into our science.  Check out a speech that Dr. Caselle presented to the Western Society of Naturalists while accepting the Naturalist of the Year award: WSN Natural History Speech