Undergraduate Research grants received by Ivana Gomez, Andrea Liu, McKenzie Sime, Erica Hennings, Candace Wu, and T.J. Sears -- Congratulations!

August 22, 2018

Six undergraduates in the Mazer lab received prestigious awards from UCSB's Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities program to support their independent research during the 2018-2019 academic year.  The titles of their projects are:

Ivana Gomez: The effects of long-term vs. recent climatic conditions on the timing of flowering in Nemophila menziesii using electronic records and physical herbarium specimens

Andrea Liu: Geographic variation in pollen size in Streptanthus tortuosus and S. polygaloides (Brassicaceae):  detecting evidence of adaptation to climate

Mckenzie Sime: Does local climate affect size-at-flowering and petal area in Nemophila menziesii? Testing evolutionary predictions

Erica Hennings: Using Herbarium Specimens to Detect the Link Between Flowering Progression and Climate in Nemophila menziesii Across California

T.J. Sears: Using herbarium specimens to investigate climatic drivers of phenology and floral color in Streptanthus (Jewelflower: Brassicaceae)

Candyce Wu: Geographic variation in pollen quantity and pollen size in the mountain jewelflower (Streptanthus tortuosus) along an elevation gradient in Yosemite National Park

It is so much fun working with you on these fantastic projects!