Kern River Canyon

Evolutionary diversification of mating system, phenology, life history, and physiological performance in Clarkia, a genus of late-flowering winter annuals.

Nemophila menziesii, flower

Evolutionary adaptation to intensifying drought across a geographic gradient: a comprehensive evaluation of Fisher’s Fundamental Theorem

Herbarium specimens

Phenological sensitivity to climate across space and time: harnessing the diversity of digital herbarium data to generate and to test novel predictions

Clarkia xantiana ssp. xantiana

900,000 herbarium specimens from California will be scanned and scored for their phenological status, facilitating research linking flowering dates to climatic conditions

Clarkia unguiculata

The causes and consequences of variation in ultraviolet light absorption and reflectance by flowers of Clarkia unguiculata

Streptanthus glandulosus

Interpreting geographic variation in life history, floral, seed, and pollen traits within and among Streptanthus taxa

Aesculus californica (California Buckeye)

Tracking the effects of spatial and temporal variation in climatic conditions on the phenology of widespread woody and herbaceous California native plants

Dithyrea californica, flowers and mericarps

Natural selection in the wild: direct and cross-generational environmental effects on seed size, plant fitness, and natural selection on seed size