California Botanical Society Grad Symposium

Natalie Love wins California Botanical Society Award for Best Overall Presentation at 2019 Grad Student Symposium

April 07, 2019

We've just returned from the 2019 Graduate Student Symposium of the California Botanical Society, held at California State University, San Luis Obispo (Cal Poly), where Natalie Love and Kris Peach delivered super-engaging talks about their dissertation research. 

Kris Peach reported the results just published in the American Journal of Botany:

Peach, K., and S. J. Mazer. 2019. Heteranthery in Clarkia: pollen performance of dimorphic anthers contradicts expectations. American Journal of Botany 106(4): 1–6.

Natalie's talk summarized a new method we developed for constructing and testing phenological models that incorporate counts of buds, flowers, and fruits recorded from herbarium specimens, a manuscript for which is now under review in APPS (Applications in Plant Sciences): "A new quantitative phenological metric for use in pheno-climatic models: a case study using herbarium specimens of Streptanthus tortuosus."

Congratulations to Natalie for being presented with the (cash!) award for the Best Overall presentation among ~70 talks and posters.