Congratulations, Helen Payne for an award from the William Simes Research Fund to conduct research on plant-pollinator relationships in Nemophila menziesii

February 08, 2022

The goal of Helen's research is to assess the floral and plant characteristics influencing natural selection in the annual wildflower, Nemophila menziesii (Baby Blue Eyes) at Hastings Natural History Reservation.  In addition to exploring the process and outcome of natural selection in wild populations of this species, Helen will assess its vulnerability to a temporal mismatch with its pollinators.  In 2022 and 2023, Helen plans  to measure floral traits, pollen receipt, pollen quality (estimated as pollen germination and pollen tube growth), seed production, seed size, pollinator identity, and pollinator visitation within and among naturally occurring individuals in Nemophila menziesii populations at Hastings Natural History Reservation